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Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers


Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers


Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers
Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers

By : Jiffy
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Item Description

Color: Black Product Description
Equipped with 600 watts of power, this individual handheld clothes steamer quickly and quickly smoothes away wrinkles--no need to have to lug out the heavy iron and cumbersome ironing board. Simply fill the wide-mouth eight-ounce water tank with typical tap water (no salt needed) and plug the unit in for more than 15 minutes of continuous steam per filling. The steamer comes in handy at property or at the office for quick touch-ups, as well as when traveling thanks to its compact size, which fits neatly inside a carry-on bag or suitcase. For security, the portable steamer shuts-off automatically when it runs dry to stop operation with out water in the tank. Other thoughtful details incorporate remain-cool housing, no internal water lines or pumps to grow to be clogged by challenging water, a comfortable secure-grip deal with, and a 9-foot power cord for convenient maneuverability. Produced in the USA, the handheld steamer measures approximately six by five-1/5 by 11-1/five inches and carries a a single-year restricted warranty.
Jiffy Steamer's ESTEAM is the most effective hand-held steamer on the market place. Made of the finest supplies available, numerous years of research and testing had been spent developing the ESTEAM. This easy-to-operate steamer is ideal for use at dwelling, in the office and on the road. The ESTEAM is also a best gift for college students and newlyweds. The ESTEAM incorporates many of the similar components implemented in our commercial grade steamers producing it the finest hand-held steamer on the market.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 5.2 x 6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B0018ZHHS4
  • Item model number: 0601

Product Functions

  • Personal handheld travel steamer with 600 watts of power
  • Wide-mouth 8-ounce water tank utilizes frequent tap water (no salt needed)
  • Delivers over 15 minutes of continuous steam per filling
  • Automatic security shut-off when runs dry 9-foot power cord
  • Measures around 6 by five-1/five by 11-1/5 inches 1-year limited warranty

Consumer Critiques

I compared this travel model with the full-size J-2000 steamer. They had been both particularly great at removing wrinkles from business-sort clothes. We steamed a complete week's wardrobe, and the clothes completed with the travel steamer looked just as fantastic as the other individuals. The only drawback to the travel model is connected to its modest size - it desires to be refilled just about every 3-6 garments, and the smaller steam head indicates that it takes longer to steam an item. Yet, I in reality identified that the tiny steam head worked far better on tiny regions like collars and cuffs, in particular given that it has squared corners. The corners mean that you do have to be a bit careful with delicate knits, though. Worth the cost if you certainly require to appear your finest when you travel.

My father purchased the Rowenta locally and I attempted it out. I'd been wanting an effortless-to-use steamer so I checked Amazon. The Jiffy has gotten good critiques whereas the Rowenta has gotten ok reviews (most negatives are about durability.) I ordered the Jiffy and borrowed my Dad's so I could evaluate them.
First let me say that I want a rapid and easy steamer largely to get wrinkles out of Tshirts, shorts, jeans,button-downs etc that I didn't take out of the dryer fast adequate. I typically will not be steaming complete suits,etc.
The Rowenta is extremely swift to heat up and commence steaming. It literally takes about 30 seconds.
The Jiffy takes about 3 minutes. That is nonetheless rapidly but if you happen to be in a actually big rush...
When the Rowenta is heated up it fundamentally just sits idle. I don't consider it's losing any water when idle due to the fact there's no steam coming out. When the Jiffy is heated up the water is literally boiling inside. You can see and hear it boiling. It consistently releases steam. The bad portion about this is if you have to have to pause for a bit (answer telephone, do anything else...) then the water continues to get made use of up. In my case it was pumping out hot steam heating up the bathroom and fogging up the mirror. This brings me to one of the bigger complaints about the Rowenta-the water capacity. The Rowenta unquestionably holds much less water than the Jiffy but I located the Rowenta to be much more genuine-planet handy. 1) mainly because it only releases steam only when you will need it (you push the button) and two) because the Rowenta heats up so quickly the capacity is not considerably of an issue.
Also, the Jiffy gets hot on the exterior-actual hot. So it really is not that simple and easy to refill speedily since you have to be careful not to burn your self. Immediately after you happen to be finished utilizing the Jiffy it's as well hot to put away. You have to leave it and let it cool down. When you happen to be steaming with the Jiffy it really is also painless to burn your fingers with the steam. If you don't maintain it perfectly upright it leaks conveniently and the drops actually burn you. If you get your self with the steam you say, "OW!". If you get yourself with the drops you say, "OW S%, son of a..."
The Rowenta doesn't get particularly hot on the exterior. If you steam your fingers it does not actually hurt. I also produced a dumb mistake when initially trying the Rowenta. I left it plugged in lying on best of some clothes for a couple hours. Of course I don't suggest this but nonetheless it wasn't that hot and the clothes it was lying on were in no apparent danger of burning. I think you're supposed to try and preserve them both upright while steaming but typically you want to turn it to reach a spot. I do not recall the Rowenta leaking when I did that. If it did, it wasn't hot enough for me to keep in mind.
I am confident many consumers consider the hotter steam of the Jiffy to be a plus over Rowenta but I didn't locate this to be the case. Yes the Jiffy is hotter but it just 'boils' steam out of the openings. The Rowenta is much less hot but it 'blasts' the steam out when you push the button. The blasting impact seemed to just about, but not completely, make up for the difference in heat. Also, the added heat of the Jiffy produced the clothing soggy so if you touched a component that you'd currently steamed it would develop new wrinkles. Touching the parts that you already steamed with the Rowenta did not really seem to create new wrinkles. I made use of both steamers on the very same 3 pieces of clothes for about the exact same quantity of time. I used the Rowenta on one side and the Jiffy on the other. I did not tell my wife which was which and asked her which looked superior. They were all fundamentally also close to compare.
I have a toddler so there was absolutely a safety problem for me. If she had been to pull the cord and pull the Jiffy down on herself although on( or even 5-ten mins right after you've unplugged it)she could be seriously injured and scarred. If she were to pull the Rowenta down it likely wouldn't be a big concern.
So I ordered a Rowenta for myself and am sending the Jiffy back. I'm not saying the Jiffy is a bad piece of gear, it just is not speedy and effortless like the Rowenta. I really feel as if I required anything that performs like the Jiffy I'd rather just get an upright steamer.
In summary, the Rowenta is safer, quicker, and less complicated-- for my purposes anyway. It's also more affordable. Only time will tell about the durability.
Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers
Jiffy Steamer ESTEAM Travel Steamers

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